Steel Cladding Building

SSCC has designed, manufactured, and constructed many storage fabric buildings throughout Ontario. To be the best in our business, SSCC enhanced and redesigned the fabric building. No more worries about rips, tears, leaks or weather damage. SSCC has designed a new building known as the Steel Cladding Building. Using the steel structure design used on our fabric buildings, we have replaced the Envirotech fabric with Steel Cladding. With the steel cladding, it combines the economy of steel arch design and durability of steel cladding. These buildings are constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel arches covered with steel cladding. This structure is installed on either a cast in place below grade concrete foundation wall, cast in place on grade floating foundation wall, or on pre-cast concrete blocks and slabs. This building has high interior clearance that facilitates interior loading and unloading of sand and salt (thus reducing the negative ecological impact of salt storage). These structures are ideal for temporary and permanent locations.