SSCC designs and manufactures conveying systems specifically designed for the storage buildings we construct.

These conveyors are constructed of hot dipped galvanized structural steel and have belt widths of 24" (200 TPH), 30" (400 TPH), and 36" (600 TPH).


The Dome Loading Conveyor originates outside of the storage dome at either a below grade dump pit or above grade hopper, penetrates the dome through a specially designed dormer, and ends at the dome centre inside the structure. Utilizing this system it is possible to obtain the maximum storage capacity with minimal handling. In 2008 dome loading conveying systems were built for Hensall Co-Op in Hensall, Ontario and for Cargill AgHorizons in Camrose, Alberta. In the past, Dome Loading Conveyors have been installed for NSC Minerals in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Cargill AgHorizons in Sarnia, Ontario and for Noranda at the Falconbridge Kidd Creek Timmins Minesite.

This system is widely used in the United States with over 30 "dome loading conveyors" designed and built by SSCC in Canada installed by our American distributor.


The Radial Stacking Conveyor, designed and built by SSCC, is ideal for large storage terminals. In this system, a number of domes are layed out on an arc or circle (typical radius = 200 feet). The Radial Stacker extends from the center of the array to above the building's peak to fill the dome through a manually or hydraulically operated hatch. This single conveyor pivots about the center point of the arc to fill all the buildings.

SSCC designed, manufactured, and installed a 200 ft. Radial Stacker with a 30" belt for Terra Agromart at their Belton, Ontario Terminal in 1996. This system feeds eight 124 ft. diameter domes at a rate of 400 TPH, utilizing an overland conveyor with truck and rail dump capability. Other Radial Stackers designed and manufactured by Storage Systems Construction have been installed in Saginaw, Michigan; Warrington, Ohio; and Heartland, Nebraska by our American distributor.


Overland Conveyors are used independently in conjunction with the Radial Stacking Conveyor to feed our storage buildings using drive over truck dump pits, rail dump pits, or above grade hoppers.